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 "I'm the best residential Wallpaper hanger period"

    Without bragging or giving away my secrets that separate me from my competition, I will say that I'm an artist that happens to hang wallpaper especially expensive, fragile and easially damaged or stained wallpaper. My specialty is fabrics, silks, grass cloths or sea grass, murals, hand printed, untrimmed etc. Commercial and residential are two completely different trades and a commercial installer should not be handling residential high end material unless he or she has at least a decade of experience. 
    Cleanliness is next to Godliness so they say and my broom and digital cordless dyson vacuum travel with me to every job. I will get on my hands and knees and make sure your home is ready to be enjoyed and used for entertaining from the minute I leave this is why I don't like to be rushed or pressured to finish by a certain time line. I work 7 days a week, days or evenings, graveyards no problem so there are ways to get around busy schedules.  I'm trained to work in any and all situations including tall walls, ceilings and staircases. 
   I don't really care if your home is in Rancho Palisades on a cliff overlooking the ocean or in North Hollywood in an rental, if you are nice and you're  willing to pay me the amount I feel is very fair for the amount of experience I've acquired since I graduated from West Valley Occupational College back in 1984, then I am ready and willing to start A.S.A.P..           
   I'm worth much more than what I'm asking but since my competitors are a bit less than myself I'm turning away clients. I work alone without a helper and it's a very physical job believe it or not. I will stay firm on what I need to make and generally needs to be close to $100.00 an hour. Accent walls are so popular but there is no wallpaper to hang just a few pieces which makes a decent days pay very difficult to make. I should be a millionaire for the talent that I have but money isn't everything and respect and appreciation go along way with me. Plus I spend and give away as much as I make. I have and will give discounts to deserving clients but I don't feel sorry for homeowners that own multi million dollar homes with 4 cars in the garage telling me sob stories about why they can't afford to pay me what I'm worth. Sorry for being so blunt but along time ago the milkman could afford a nice home anywhere he or she wanted to live, not the case today. $100.00 an hour won't get a house on the hill or on the beach where I enjoy living. Instead I rent a modest but very beautiful 80 year old 2 bedroom guest house in Korea Town. I'm very happy here with my house full of animals but I need to pay my bills too. 
  One last thing, I promise you no one else will give you a better finish product than myself, but if you're a texting queen, or email fanatic I will ask you kindly to call me as my blue tooth is  on my ear, however  my hands are the most important tool I have and I need to use them for holding and cutting wallpaper not texting and emailing all day long. I'm sorry for this but unless someone is willing to marry me anytime soon a personal assistant is out of the question at the moment. A sense of humor cannot be bought it's acquired and laughter is the best medicine. I make work fun or it's not worth leaving home. I like what I do and it shows. 
   I want to work everyday of the year so if you're on a deadline and it's Sunday or a Holiday chances are I will work day or night if available.
  Help support the hardest working American man in the wallpapering industry. A dinosaur in a world full of text's and emails.  I hope you still remember what it was like 30 years ago when we called one another to communicate. I'm trying!!!!
                   cell # (323)776-0342 / Greg.
    Serving Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley.